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- Ensemble/Dance Captain in Riverview High -
The Vancouver Fringe Festival

*Back from Big Apple, local actor does Fringe
      ~By Michelle Hopkins, Richmond News

- Moritz in Spring Awakening -
The Roxy Theatre

*Gregory Pember's Interview with Broadway World

  "Gregory Pember, as Moritz Stiefel, Melchior’s schoolmate who fears he is losing his mind after one wet dream too many, gives a startlingly fresh performance in the role, casting his wild-eyed gaze around the theater while effectively showing us the character’s inner turmoil. He walks a very fine line, to be certain, in demonstrating the various demons that possess Moritz’s heart, yet he somehow manages to keep him grounded, thus making certain that his feelings and emotions seem real and deep-seated. His performance of “Don’t Do Sadness” in Act Two—which is nothing short of gripping—gives us a glimpse into Moritz’s soul, offering us greater insight into his psyche, thereby making the dramatic arc experienced by the character all the more challenging."
      ~Jeffrey Ellis, BroadwayWorld.com

- Jared in Body Awareness -
SpeakEasy Stage Company

  "Gregory Pember beautifully captures both the sexual awkwardness of 19-year-old Jared and his struggle with Asperger’s syndrome. Another actor might veer into overacting, but he is sheer perfection in his authentic portrayal of the struggles."
      ~Nick Dussault, Metro.us

  "Pember, a recent graduate of the Boston Conservatory, holds his own with his seasoned costars, delivering a performance that eschews easy answers about what Jared may be suffering from."
      ~Don Aucoin, The Boston Globe

  "And recent Boston Conservatory grad Gregory Pember is the spiky embodiment of little-intellectual-lost Jared, his outrageous bluntness a two-edged sword."
      ~Carolyn Clay, The Boston Phoenix

  "Gregory Pember is almost too good at playing a young man struggling with symptoms of Asperger’s, unable to handle his own wild moods and difficulties with social interactions...slowly Pember reveals the sensitive side of the bedeviled character."
      ~Chantal Mendes, The Arts Fuse

  "Pember is spot on in rendering Jared’s relentless honesty, anti-empathic logic and unintentional humor. His remarks, actions and growth in response to Franks’ residency enhance not only the plot, but the canvas on which we gage the other characters’ actions and emotions."
      ~Joelle Jameson, Blast Magazine

  *Click here to read an article about Body Awareness by The New York Times.

- Hamlet in Hamlet -
The Roxy Theatre

  "This is a crucible role for male actors — testing their range and power — and Gregory Pember pulls it off. He showed an ease with Shakespeare that not all actors can convey. His is an angry Hamlet whose levity seems a front, whose musings seethe with frustration and whose kindnesses are mere means to an end."
      ~Chris Smith, Leaf-Chronicle

  "Three of the cast members really stand out. Each one had a moment on stage in which they shone, during which they delivered their lines with such emotion and with a dramatic flair that they owned the audience outright. They were Gregory Pember as Hamlet, Kendall Anne Thompson as Ophelia, and Keith Patrick McCoy as Claudius."
      ~Bill Larson, Clarksville Online

- Jack in Into the Woods -
The Roxy Theatre

  "Gregory Pember is sweetly naďve as Jack (of "...and the Beanstalk" fame) and as his character makes his own journey from slightly addle-brained child to world-weary and experienced young man, his performance remains pitch-perfect."
      ~Jeffrey Ellis, BroadwayWorld.com

- Featured Ensemble in Chicago -
Flat Rock Playhouse

  "An extremely talented ensemble frames the lead characters acting as merry murderesses in "Cell Block Tango," police officers, members of the press, judge and jury and a host of other characters. Keep your eye on the jury box during Roxie's trial. [Gregory Pember] It's delightful."
      ~Denise Ward, New York Times Regional Media Group

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